GlobeSherpa D&D

A Year Without Rain (Part 1)
Into Asylum

Characters Involved – Bett, Loranda, Mardak, Ttam, Tombeau, Zweibel

The party set off west of Mournland on their trek towards Sharn and hopes of finding steady work in the heart of Khorvaire. The party is traveling the road north of New Cyre towards Starilaskur in hopes of finding a way to restore their rations which are running low. Two weeks trek north of New Cyre the party comes to the town of Asylum.

The town of Asylum was once a lush area full of crops and livestock, however as the party crest the hill overlooking Asylum the town and surrounding areas have since been changed into a dry wasteland. Nothing growing surrounding the town and even the livestock are showing the effects of lack of water or hydration.

After entering the town the party spent a considerable amount of time investigating the well that lies at the center of the town’s crossroads. With Ttam climbing the outside of the well and dropping stones in, only to be rewarded with the sound of the stone falling and impacting sand. Finding the well to be dry the party makes their way to the Weary Traveler, the inn and tavern in Asylum. Unable to get any water from the tavern maid, Ttam is able to convince her to serve the group a round of ale at a lesser marked up price than she originally offered.

As the tavern maid carried the round of drinks to the party as the rest of the tavern’s patrons eyed the drinks and licked their lips. Seeing the state of the patrons in the bar Ttam then ordered a round of drinks for the rest of the patrons. As a cheer erupted from the tavern. More patrons began to pour into the Weary Traveler. Filling the tavern to capacity and the air with sounds of tall tales and wild conspiracy theories as to what has caused the drought and blight on Asylum.

The party finishes their drinks and retired to their room as the remaining tavern patrons find tables and benches to pass out upon. As the night grew on and quiet Bett found herself a perch on the Inn’s roof to sleep and Ttam set out to investigate the tavern and its potential boons. His first attempt led him to a locked room within the Inn, unfortunately the lock proved beyond Ttam’s skill to open without making much noise so he moved on looking for easier endeavors. Moving through the tavern proved to be relatively easy as the sound of drunken snores echoed throughout. Making his way to the kitchen Ttam masterfully popped the lock on the food chest finding enough food to feed the party easily for several days.

The following morning the party is roused by Saul, Asylum’s watchman. Beside himself Saul rambles about a body that was discovered, a method of demise that he was unfamiliar with. Saul enlists the help of the group, hoping that their military experience would allow the party to lend some insight on what may have happened. After promises of water skins the party agrees to assist the watchman. Saul leads the party through the town to where the body lay just beyond the town wall. The body lays in the dry dust, the skin cracked and broken as if all moisture had been removed from the body. Saul asks the party to go with him to investigate the deceased’s house for clues, to which the party agrees, only after receiving payment from Saul.

Saul lead the party back to Braidon, the deceased’s house, as they walked Saul told stories of Braidon’s love for ale and that he had spent several nights in the town’s drunk tank. That he could be violent when he drank but doubted that he had any enemies. Braidon’s house was a sun bleached blue hovel and as the party began to investigate the outside of the structure, a portal opened below Bett’s feet and she dropped down into the earth as the portal closed behind her.

The remaining members of the party begin to investigate the outside of the house. Mardak walked to the far side of the shack and found crude chalk drawings on the side of the building. The drawings feature what seem to be a woman with flowing, windblown hair, her robes standing still in the midst of a sandstorm. The well in the center of Asylum is visible in the background with lines emanating from the well suggesting that it is glowing.

As Mardak investigated the markings, Loranda and Tombeau made their way inside the house as Saul waited outside. Inside the house was covered with the same film of dust and sand that the rest of the town has, but hanging in the windows were dried slices of meat. Two barrels sit prominently in the house, one turned over and the sand near the mouth darker from whatever its contents were spilled to the floor. Mardak, Ttam and Zweibel join the other two within the structure and begin investigating Braidon’s home. Loranda begins by investigating Braidon’s bed which consists of a mat made of straw, hay and linen scraps. Beside Braidon’s bed Ttam finds a drawing of hand reaching for water’s surface in the same crude chalk drawings as the images on the outside of the house. Investigating the other barrel inside the house Mardak hears a liquid sloshing around inside. Loranda assists him with investigating the barrel and removes the top allowing a putrid smell to fill the house driving the party outside.

After further negotiations with Saul and his agreement to pay whatever the party wishes, they agree to investigate the cause of Braidon’s death, deciding that the well was the best place to start. Tombeau using his familiarity with Clairvoyance investigates the bottom of Asylum’s well finding it dry and an opening in the side of the well’s base. Using a length of rope and grappling hook Mardak and the party descend into the well to continue their investigation. The breach in the well’s wall leads the party into a sandy cavern with puffs of sand spouting from the floor. Upon further investigation by Ttam the group discovers that the puffs of sand were being created by small infernal creatures. After successfully fending off the creatures, Tombeau began to investigate them to try to determine their origins. While looking over the corpse of one of the creatures Tombeau comes to the startling discovery that the sand and dust in the bottom of the well is not normal sand but the dried and desiccated remains of countless bodies.


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